Our Story

Mike Williams – Chairman, President & CEO

Given the level of economic development throughout most of Mexico over the past 30 years, it is surprising how few governmental medical facilities are in place where needed most. Aid The Neway Med Stations™ will create a highly functional, wide-ranging, long-term solution to many of the challenges currently facing the Mexican government and other Aid providers to the most needy.

I was born into a missionary family station on an island in the Bering Sea and served in the US Army in the Vietnam War.  These allowed me to gain insight into what was needed to advance this and many subsequent projects.  I also had plenty of help from other knowledgeable and motivated Rotarians.  By all measures, these international projects were successful, and some continue to this day.  We have worked on projects in Belize, Nicaragua, Pakistan, India, Haiti, Estonia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and even the Soviet Union during Perestroika.

To a degree, the model for Neway comes from this lifetime of experience and will once again depend a lot on Rotarians, their contacts, and experience in the countries and areas where we intend to take Aid the Neway.

Several years ago, as I sat in a seminar taught by Dr. Regina Herzlinger, a Harvard School of Business professor, it occurred to me that given my company, SignArt, Inc’s, sign products and due diligence efforts relative to Rite Aid and CVS, we had learned a lot about the challenges of interrupting the current health care delivery systems.  Today there are signs that interruptive changes to medical delivery are happening everywhere, including the national pharmacy chains.  We know that after time has passed, with effort and persistence, every challenge can be met.

Dr. Herzlinger has a daughter who, at the time of the seminar, was a surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Between the two of them, they oversaw studies, wrote articles, and convened different parties to articulate and address some of the issues confronting the process of updating and streamlining the processes of health care delivery.  Her influence has weighed heavily on the Med Station™ and use procedures you will see with this Neway product.

Most private individuals and small businesspeople, such as myself, have struggled over the last two decades with the economics of employee healthcare.  We read articles, books, proposed legislation, attend related seminars and many webinars, yet many issues surrounding cost of medical products and services persist.

Some time ago I was impacted by a success story related by the Wall Street Journal.  The story was about the economic difficulties a hospital system in the Bay area of California encountered. The cost associated with treating the indigent and immigration population through their Emergency Rooms was overpowering the finances and facilities.  After careful consideration, they first strategically looked for the right site near the population of potential patients and near a public transportation hub for those further away.  Then they built a bare bones facility that could be modified at low cost when needed.  They trained nurses and med techs to do most of the face time with patients, leaving doctors and higher value personnel time to deal with the more difficult situations. This effort was extraordinarily successful and followed by a second facility.

There is more to this anecdote, but the take-away is that there are more efficient, less costly ways to do everything.  Recently, we see medical services delivery streamlining.  This is an indicator initial resistance to change is softening. From this background and much that has not yet been revealed, the concept of the Med Station™ was born.  With the economic urgency coupled with the COVID crisis needs, the dynamic for change is now great enough for the Med Station™ to be born.

Our Advisory Board

Executive Committee

Michael P. Williams

Chairman, President & CEO of SignArt, Inc. & Aid The Neway International

Anne Berquist

Chief Operating Officer of Aid The Neway International

Dori Kunkle

Treasurer, CPA & Partner at Fisher Spiegel Kunkle & Gerber, PLLC

Scott M. Williams

Certified Financial Planner & Partner at Sanford Advisory

Advisory Board

Sandra Jill Jones

Lobbyist & Partner at Muchmore Harrington Smalley & Associates, LLC

Sam Joseph

Founder & Chairman at Covenant Academies Foundation

John F. Koryto

Attorney at Miller Johnson Attorneys

Mushtaq Luqmani, PhD

Professor of Marketing & International Business & Chairman, Marketing Department at Western Michigan University

Timothy D.W. Williams, PhD

Practicing Dispute Resolver & Arbitrator

Our Staff

Michael P. Williams

Chairman, President & CEO

Rose M. Caro

Executive Assistant

Cándido Ramírez Ruiz

Chief Engineer

Augustin Villegas


Anne Berquist

Chief Operating Officer

Alfredo Palma Espinoza

Project Coordinator

Jim Zaldo Hernández

Project Coordinator

Our Connection

Aid The Neway – International was born out of a vision that Mike Williams, the President of SignArt, Inc., had of a low cost, fast, quality way to provide health care to the underserved populations and to address the COVID-19 global pandemic of 2020. SignArt is the manufacturer of the Med Stations™ that Aid the Neway promotes, delivers, installs, and helps operate.

Who is SignArt

SignArt celebrates their 50th year in business in 2021. We have worked in all 50 states and all major US cities, and we also have great companies as customers. Not every company can do the day-in and day-out our people do. Solving site, product, regulatory and people issues is our specialty. Our culture of competence, education, and experience gets us there.