The most modern
and effective
World Aid Delivery.

Mission Statement:   
Aid The Neway International is to communicate, promote, and support the most modern, flexible, and effective ways for world aid delivery within the formal, ethical guidelines within each country.

Aid The Neway is a responsible steward of the planet and technological innovator as it provides aid products, designs, delivery, and services. Exceptional cost-effective results are provided that are environmentally responsible while providing aid delivery options to low income and underserved populations.

Here’s More About Us

Aid The Neway – International is a newly formed for-profit entity with the intention of converting to a non-profit organization after 2022. The mission of Aid the Neway is to provide physical products and intellectual services to aid in the delivery of quality medical and other aid economically. A framework of quality products, services, and continuous improvement. The first such method is through Neway Med Stations™. Although the Med Station™ design is suited to low cost delivery of many standardized treatments, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has been the dynamic which has triggered the development of the Med Station™.

Meet our Team

The Med Station™

Med Stations™ are one answer to our mission. What makes Med Stations unique is not only the low cost of care given but also the advantages that come from ever improving products, procedures, and services.